Scaling Wind of Innovation

Fourteen foot Starmetal head of The Cathedral, the metropolis of Light's fate-planning bureau.


Female Starmetal Alchemical

14 feet tall.

Layered in spidery filaments of Starmetal worked like a lattice across her skin. Heavy armored guantlets, clunky next to her svelt accents, protect her hands from the razor sharp filaments spun by the Pattern Weavers. Pupil-less eyes of polished white that betray outward feeling only rarely.


At 300 years old, Scaling Wind of Innovation has been supervising the metropolis of Light’s fate-planning apparatus for centuries. She is enamored of her work and position where she feels contentment in working the myriad complexities of mortal and exalted life about her city. Often views and refers to Light as an older sibling, someone for whom Scaling Wind of Innovation must look out for.

Regretably, that’s often the extent of Scaling Wind of Innovation’s humanity. Clarity has robbed her of any congenial manner and a hopeless gossip in her youth means that today she’s lost all tact and gossips about people to their face. It’s not that she doesn’t know, it’s that she doesn’t care. Truth is truth, and there’s nothing you, nor I, nor anyone can do about it.

Run’s the Cathedral with the Pattern Weavers Clockwork Silk and Eight-legged Fate.

Scaling Wind of Innovation

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