Steel-eyed outcaste investigator with the Steamcloaks, the metropolis of Light's personal police force.


Mortal (male)

Age: 38

Well-known for being a wicked shot with a crossbow and a mean negotiator.

5ft. 9in.

Thin and sinewy, he’s the lean build of a rugged life. Perpetual 5 o’clock shadow beneath scrubby blond hair. Thick callouses when he shakes your hand or offers a rigid, perfected salute. Often armed, even in casual settings.


Six generations of being an investigator, a fact for which Krav is proud, entitles him to authority and privileges he thinks he’s owed. His file says this is the seventh time his soul-gem has been assigned to the Regulators, having scraped himself up from the nameless squalor of Populat tech-mining.

With extensive and now intuitive knowledge of the reaches around Yugash proper, the obvious choice to head the metropolis of Light’s outcaste division. With extensive contacts with the lowlies and undesirables, he’s often the first person people go to with questions about life beyond Light’s walls.

He collects and saves favors the way other people hoard money.


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